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Multi Nation Import & Trading Ltd.

Business development through strategic alliances.
Business development through strategic alliances.
Multi Nation Import & Trading started in 1996 importing & exporting of textiles & computer hardware/software. Almost immediately, we started building and selling business systems and plans. Multi Nation Import & Trading is an organization that builds and promote companies by consulting and sourcing points of trade that will give a consistent & competitive edge to help increase sales and promote business to an all time high. Presently we are working on imports of highest grade Pashmina/Cashmere & Silk shawls & fabrics from China & India.

Our objectives are to help build and develop distribution system’s to make them stream lined & extremely cost effective for our customers. We are presently taking company information and pricing from manufactures (not distributors) of very high grade Pashmina/Cashmere & Silk shawls scarfs and fabric. Our staff include experts in, International Trading, Corporate Securities, Marketing and Sales Development, Development and Management, Property/Building Management & Facilities, Internet technology experts in Web development, Social Worker specializing in ethnic compatibilities issues.




Belly Dancing outfits, Cashmere, Pashmina Shawls

Check out our new Spring line of out fits and shawls

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Vancouver BC Photographers, Janos Molnar

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